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 25-28 September, 2018 | Singapore
IV. Other Considerations
a) General guidelines:
1) Acupuncture, once every 2 to 4 weeks for 5-8 sessions initially, then every 3-6 months for maintenance.
2) Herbal formula based on the TCVM pattern/differen- tiation, 3 to 6 months. General doge is 0.5 gram per 10 pounds BID-TID. If you don’t know the patterns, you may always start with Di Tan Tang.
3) If it is a cluster of seizure, or starting a case already
on Western medication, combine use of anticonvulsants: Phenobarbital (2 mg/Kg, PO BID) + Potassium Bromide (33 mg/kg, PO q24h) with the herbal formulations. Herbal medicine can be safely taken with these drugs. When the seizures are controlled (seizures free for 2-3 months with both TCVM treatments and medications), gradually reduce phenobarbital or KBr to lowest effective dose.
4) I usually start by reducing one medication by 1/4 and gradually decrease by 1/4 every couple weeks as long as there are no seizures, but I would continue herbs for about 6 months.
b) Avoid the Yang (warm) proteins (chicken/ lamb/ venison, etc.)
c) Avoid chemicals and drugs, which could make them more susceptible to seizures including Heartgard, Program, Advantage or Frontline (may lower the seizure threshold.)
a. Interceptor and Filaribits appears to be safe for dogs with seizures
b. Revolution may be safe to control heartworms
d) Avoid stress and exercise regularly
V. Scientific Evidence
· In neurobiological terms, the metaphors of “eliminat- ing wind in the head” or “dispersing heat” translate into vagal nerve stimulation and reduction in sympa- thetic tone.
· In a rat model study, electroacupuncture at ear-point reduced epileptiform discharges in the cortex as well as epileptiform behaviors.5 Electroacupuncture sup- pressed levels of excitatory neurotransmitters in the hippocampus, whereas levels of the inhibitory neu- rotransmitters glycine, taurine, and GABA increased.
· Electroacupuncture stimulation in rats with pilocar- pine-induced epilepsy improved cognitive deficits and prevented shrinkage of areas within the limbic system of the brain.6
· Electroacupuncture at either 1 mA or 3 mA signifi- cantly inhibit the pentylenetetrazole-induced cortical epileptiform activities in rats, and higher stimulation (3 mA) was not associated with a greater inhibition.7
· In a preliminary report, exogenously supplemented taurine improves the ability of electroacupuncture
to protect against seizures in rats with penicillin-in- duced epilepsy; certain Chinese herbs prescribed for epileptic patients contain high amounts of taurine.
VI. Summary
TCVM can be an excellent adjuvant to conventional therapy in epileptic animals, especially those with poorly controlled seizures. In mild cases, or after an initial seizure, TCVM can be used alone to help prevent and minimize the occurrence of further seizures.

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