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 25-28 September, 2018 | Singapore
B. Chinese Herbal Medicine a) Single Chinese Herb10,16-18
· Huperzia serrata (Qian Ceng Ta or Jin Bu Huan) is a potent, reversible, selective inhibitor of acetylcholin- esterase (AChE). A systematic review and meta-anal- ysis of randomized clinical trials demonstrated that Huperzine A from Huperzia serrata appears to have beneficial effects on improvement of cognitive func- tion, daily living activity, and global clinical assess- ment in human patients with Alzheimer’s disease
· Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba increase the uptake of choline in CNS, release acetylcholine from hippo- campus, and reduce the level of Aβ
· Salvia miltiorrhiza (Dan Shen), Herba Erigerontis (Deng Zhan Hua), Radix Morinda Officinalis (Ba Ji Tian), Coptidis Rhizome (Huang Lian), Houttuyniae Herba (Yu Xing Cao), Uncaria rhynchophylla (Gou Teng), and Lycium barbarum (wolfberry; Gou Qi Zi) have been found to protect the brain against Aβ cell toxicity in different types of neuronal cells
· Wolfberry (wolfberry; Gou Qi Zi) was able to enhance the neuronal differentiation of the hippocampal neu- rogenesis and reverse the depression-like behavior caused by 50 mg/kg corticosterone injection
b) Chinese Herbal Formula16,19,20
· Liu Wei Di Huang Tang/Wan, at a dose of 100 mg/kg, was proved to improve cognitive function by promot- ing hippocampal neurogenesis in adult rats
· Jia Wei Wen Dan Tang at a dose of 50 mg/kg im- proved the cognitive functions via enhancing neu- rogenesis in the hippocampus of mice treated for 2 weeks
· Jia Wei Xiao Yao San was able to reverse the im- paired neurogenesis in the hippocampus in stressed rats
· Bu Yang Huan Wu, 5g per Kg per day by mouth for 2 weeks, displayed a stimulating effect on neuro- genesis and improved the neurological scores and functional recovery in stroke rats
· Ba Wei Di Huang Wan, 2g 3 times a day by mouth for 8 weeks, significant improved the cognitive function scores in human patients with dementia as com- pared to the placebo group
· Yi Gan San, 2.5g (1.5g of extract) 3 times a day by mouth for 4 weeks resulted in significant improve- ment of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia and activities of daily living in dementia patients as compared to the control group
V. Pattern Differentiation & Treatment 1) Phlegm Misting the Mind
· Signs: mental confusion and depression, lethar-
gy, change of voice, vomiting of mucus, dull eyes. Tongue is pale to pink with thick sticky coating, may have swollen with teeth marks or a midline crack reaching the tip. Pulses are slippery with normal strength
· Treatment strategy: Resolve Phlegm, open the Heart orifice
· Acupuncture treatment: Common points (PC-5/6, HT-5/7, BL-14/15/44/45, GV-20, CV-15, Da-feng-men, Nao-shu, An-shen, LI-4, LIV-3); Add ST-40, BL-20, SP-6, CV-12 for Phlegm
· Herbal formula: Di Tan Tang, 0.5 g per 1020 lb body weight BID-TID
2) Phlegm Fire Misting the Mind
· Signs: Agitation or irritability, rash/manic behavior, aggressive, barking, thirsty, warm to the touch, cool seeking, mental depression, dull eyes. Tongue is red, the tip is redder or has red points, yellow sticky coating, maybe swollen with teeth marks. Pulses are full, rapid, slippery or wiry
· Treatment strategy: Resolve Phlegm, cool Fire, soothe the Liver
· Acupuncture treatment: Common points (PC-5/6, HT- 5/7, BL-14/15/43/44, GV-20, CV-15, Da-feng-men, Nao- shu, An-shen, GB-20, LI-4, LIV-3); add ST-40, BL-20, SP-6, CV-12 for Phlegm; add PC-7, HT-8, GV-14, LIV-2, Wei-jian, Er-jian to clear Heat/Fire
· Herbal formula: Wen Dan Tang or Zen Xin San, 0.5 g per 1020 lb body weight BID-TID. Use Zhen Zin San in severe cases
3) Qi-Blood Stagnation
· Signs: Agitation or irritability, stop social interaction or become less responsive, poor memory, dislike
of lying down, weak and cool limbs, wandering through the house, household accidents, getting lost in corners, step over anything, sleep less. Tongue is pale purple, or purple on the sides. Pulses are wiry or choppy
· Treatment strategy: Move Heart Qi-Blood, eliminate stagnation, open the Heart orifices
· Acupuncture treatment: Common points (PC-5/6, HT-5/7, BL-14/15/43/44, GV-20, CV-15, Da-feng-men, Nao-shu, An-shen, GB-20, LI-4, LIV-3); add LU-7, LI-4, LIV-3, CV-14, BL-21, LI-10, BL-17, SP-10 to move Qi- Blood and clear stagnation
· Herbal formula: Stasis in Mansion of Mind or Xue Fu Zhu Yu, 0.5 g per 1020 lb body weight BID-TID. Use Stasis in Mansion of Mind in severe cases

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