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4) Liver Qi Stagnation
VI. Summary
Acupuncture and herbal medicine could serve as an effective, safe, well-tolerated and inexpensive form of care for dogs with CDS
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· Signs: Irritability/aggressiveness, depression, fluc- tuation of mental state, burping, nausea/vomiting, constipation to diarrhea, finicky/poor appetite, thirst, red conjunctiva, dislike to be touch on the thoracic flank region. Tongue is pink to red/lavender or red on the sides. Pulses are wiry, especially on left side
· Treatment strategy: Soothe Liver Qi, strengthen Spleen/Stomach, calm the mind
· Acupuncture treatment: Common points (PC-5/6, HT- 5/7, BL-14/15/43/44, GV-20, CV-15, Da-feng-men, Nao- shu, An-shen, GB-20, LI-4, LIV-3); add BL-18/19, LIV- 3/13/14, GB-3 to soothe the Liver Qi, and BL-20/21, LI-10 and ST-36 to strengthen Spleen and Stomach
· Herbal formula: Yi Gan San, Chai Hu Shu Gan, Liver Happy, or Xiao Yao San, 0.5 g per 1020 lb body weight BID-TID. Use Liver Happy in severe cases; Use Xiao Yao San if patients have digestive problems
5) Heart and Spleen Qi Deficiency
· Signs: Reduced responsiveness, stop any social interaction or become less responsive, become more aloof or fearful, poor memory, having indoor accidents, decreased appetite, lassitude, a desire to lie down, weakness of the limbs, sleep more, panting due to shortness of breathe, stare blankly at a roof, wall or air, signs often worsen during day time, fail
to recognize their owners and friends at the end. Tongue is pale wet. Pulses are deep, weaker in the right side
· Treatment strategy: Tonify Heart and Spleen Qi, calm the Mind
· Acupuncture treatment: Common points (PC-5/6, HT-5/7, BL-14/15/43/44, GV-20, CV-15, Da-feng-men, Nao-shu, An-shen, GB-20, LI-4, LIV-3); add CV-6/17, BL-20/21, ST-36, SP-6, LI-10 to strengthen Qi
· Herbal formula: Yang Xin Tang, 0.5 g per 1020 lb body weight BID-TID. Add Si Jun Zi Tang or Liu Jun Zi Tang if there is decreased appetite
6) Heart Yin and Blood Deficiency
· Signs: Listlessness, anxiety, poor memory, reduced responsiveness, bark or abnormal behavior at night or late evening, pacing at home at night, sleep less at night, awake at night, having household accidents, cats may howl at night for no reason, signs often worsen during evening. Tongue is red or pale and dry. Pulses are deep and thin, weaker on left side
· Treatment strategy: Nourish Heart Yin and Blood, calm the Mind
· Acupuncture treatment: Common points (PC-5/6, HT-5/7, BL-14/15/43/44, GV-20, CV-15, Da-feng-men, Nao-shu, An-shen, GB-20, LI-4, LIV-3); Add CV-4, BL-17, BL-20, SP-10, KID-3/7, SP-6/9 to nourish Yin and Blood
· Herbal formula: Shen Calmer or Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan, 0.5 g per 1020 lb body weight BID-TID. Use She Calmer in severe cases
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