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Because we expect to see every patient again, before they leave, we should always check;
1. When do we expect to see them again?
2. What for?
3. Is the reminder correctly set?
4. Does the client know to expect it?
Case Study 2 - Routine Reminders and Recalls
Background: UK based clinic with 4 branches. In the UK typically only 64% of dogs are vaccinated (UK has no Rabies or high fatality risks) yet a review of practice data showed that only 59% of active canine patients were vaccinated.
To ensure that all canine patients had their vaccination status determined, and the appropriate reminder set
A review of current situation with the clinical team identified 5 groupings for patients;
1. Vaccinated by the practice, reminder set
2. Vaccinated elsewhere, reminder set
3. Vaccination not required (medical reason)
4. Vaccination not required (domestic reason)
5. Vaccination declined by owner
3 new sales items and associated reminder types
were created to allow all 5 groups to be recorded and counted and the revised process was communicated to all staff
Monthly monitoring using a “review and learn” process identified exceptions and omissions and these lessons were shared together with improvement ideas across all branches
The result was that over time the proportion of patients whose vaccination status was recorded now exceeds 95%, with the result that overall vaccination rates now exceed 75%, meaning that more patients are protected.
Get the “Recall” habit
There are lots of other areas where we can adapt our recall and review habit to improve compliance, such as following up on the first or sample bag of a new diet, following up on lapsed prescriptions for long term medications, overdue weight checks, and geriatric screening.
Your Singapore, the Tropical Garden City
Checklist for change;
At every consultation;
· Always identify the next meeting
· Talk about it before they go
· Ensure the appropriate recall is set
· Warn the client what to expect
· Measure your practice’s performance
· Review progress, Acclaim, Learn, Instruct · Plan how to celebrate your success!

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