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• Atropine or glycopyrrolate are not adviced as they decrease respiratory secretions by reducing the serous component thereby potentially causing the development of dangerous mucous plugs.
• Buprenorphine can be associated as a single shot as it gives a long analgesic effect without CVS depression
• The association ketamina-midazolam can be safely used in kittens as it stimulates the central nervous system without causing any depression of the cardio-respiratory function
Prepubertal neutering is probably an acceptable technique for dogs and cats when it is performed
at a shelter. Health risks are minimal and there are advantages due to the lower incidence of side effects when compared to performing it in adult animals. However, the choice of neutering a very young (<3 months) or even an adult pet should be thoroughly discussed with the owner carefully highlighting advantages and disadvantages. Once a decision
on neutering has been taken, the option of delaying neutering until the anestrus following puberty in bitches should be considered because of the potential beneficial effects on the development of the urogenital system
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