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 25-28 September, 2018 | Singapore
diarrhea and organ prolapse.
· Wei Qi Booster (JT): Tonifies Qi and Blood, boosts Wei Qi and inhibits mutation
· Anticancer formulas:
· Max’s Formula (JT): Softens hardness, transforms Phlegm and clears enlargement. The classical antecedent of this formula is Nei Xiao Luo Li San.
· Stasis Breaker (JT): Breaks down Stasis, softens hardness and clears enlargement. The classical antecedent of this formula is Nei Xiao Wan.
· Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang (Drive Out Stasis
in the Mansion of Blood Decoction): Invigorates Qi/Blood, breaks down Blood Stasis and relieves pain; indicated for Blood Stasis with concurrent Blood Deficiency
the brain, particularly when Phlegm is accompanied by Blood Stasis and pain
· Transporter formulas:
· Bone: Bone Stasis Formula (JT)
· Nose and sinuses: Xin Yi San
· Neck: Cervical Formula (JT), or Ge Gen Tang
· Thyroid: Hai Zao Yu Hu Tang (Sargassum Decoction for the Jade Flask)
· Spine: Da Huo Luo Dan
· Thorax: Ge Xia Zhu Yu Tang
· Lung: Qing Fei San
· Abdomen: shao Fu Zhu Yu Tang
· Vessels or heart: Xue Fu Zhu Yu Tang
· Mammary glands: Breast Stasis Formula (JT), or Chai Hu Shu Gan Wan
· Prostate: Prostate Invigorator (JT), or Qian Lie Xian Fang
· Bladder: Wu Ling San
· Herbal Formulas for Treating Clinical Signs in the
· Anemia: Si Wu Tong or Gui Pi Tang
· Anorexia: Xiang Sha Liu Jun Zi Tang (Eight Gentlemen)
· Anxiety or Depression: Shen Calmer or
 · Stasis in the Mansion of the Mind 1. (JT): Breaks down Blood Stasis,
transforms Phlegm, resolves nodules
and relieves pain; used for tumors in
Tian Wang Bu Xin Dan
· Bleeding/Hemorrhage: Yunnan Baiyao
· Bowel Incontinence: Bu Zhong Ti Qi Tang
· Constipation: Ma Zi Ren
· < >: Xiang Lian San or Shen Ling Bai Zhu
Coughing: Zhi Sou San
· Cystitis: Ba Zheng San
· Edema: Shi Pi Yin
· Fatigue: Bu Zhong Ti Qi Tang, Si Jun Zi Wan
· Immunosupression: Gui Pi Tang
· Indigestion: Bao He Wan, Si Jun Zi Wan
· Nausea/Vomiting: Happy Earth (JT) or Ping Wei San
Diet Therapy:
Cancer Patient
· The rationale for each of these products is sound, but more than I wish to explain at the moment. Antioxidants (such as vitamin E, vitamin C, selenium, beta- carotene, ginkgo bilboa, green tea and grape seed extract) do protect and help stabilize the immune system. Collagen support may help inhibit angiogenesis by the tumor. Mushrooms and astragalus help boost the immune system (activate NK Killer cells which attack tumor
· Although eating healthy is the best tool in the fight against cancer, once cancer takes hold certain dietary changes may be help the patient fight against the effects of the cancer. Tumor cells rely heavily upon carbohydrates for their energy and rob the body of amino acids. On the other hand, tumor cells cannot utilize lipids (fats) for energy while the rest of the body can. As such, diets
 with increased fat content may slow tumor growth, allowing the patient to fight against the tumor. Protein content must be maintained a level sufficient for tissue repair, but carbohydrates should be held to a minimum. For those who cannot cook for their dog, a commercial food should be of good quality, moderate protein, moderate fat, and low carbohydrate (<10%) content.
1. Dietary Supplements:
 cells and to prevent destruction of T-Helper cells). n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs, or Omega 3 Fatty Acidss), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), can exert anti-neoplastic activity by inducing apoptotic cell death in cancer cells

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