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treatment period (unpublished observation). Owners
and particularly breeders should be warned about this possibility. Likewise, in cats implanted with deslorelin
the onset of sterility may be delayed beyond the
second month post-implantation. In a group of 7 tomcats implanted with the 9.4 mg deslorelin implant semen quality actually improved during the first month and then decreased gradually during the second month; complete sterility was achieved from day 40 post-treatment onwards with one cat actually still being potentially fertile at 70 days post-implantation (capable of ejaculating fertile semen when penile spikes had disappeared and serum testosterone had already reached basal levels)11.
Treatment of urinary incontinence in queens
Urinary incontinence is a relatively common condition in neutered bitches, with an incidence of 5-10% depending on breed and age at neutering. It is due to a deficiency of the urethral sphincter mechanism developing after gonadectomy. Treatment includes the use of alpha- adrenergic compounds (i.e. phenylpropanolamine) or short acting estrogens such as estriol13,14. Deslorelin also may be used as it has been shown to be effective in about 50% of cases. Urinary incontinence is anecdotally thought to be very rare or absent in cats. However,
the condition was recently reported in a Norwegian Forest queen neutered 6 months prior to the onset
of the condition15. A urethral sphincter incompetence was diagnosed and a 4.7 mg deslorelin implant was administered, which allowed full continence for a period of 15 months. Albeit a rare event, urinary incontinence may occur in the queen and deslorelin may be considered as a treatment.
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