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This may not occur if a rural area doesn’t have a wide- selection of veterinary practices to choose from, but
it will always be the case if there is competition in the marketplace.
Ok, let’s try a little pop-quiz to see how it works. Let’s say I find three veterinary practices during a Google search, and they have the following reviews:
Practice A.) 3-star rating with 10 reviews. Practice B.) 4-star rating with 12 reviews.
Practice C.) No reviews.
In this common scenario, where would you go?
Statistically speaking, almost all those surveyed will choose Practice B. Practice B may not have the
best veterinarians, the best service or even the best equipment. Still, their online reputation will land them countless new clients, as it’s simply our nature to gravitate toward the most secure solution. Practice B has the highest rating overall, and this lets us feel secure in our decision when taking our pet there.
By taking ownership over your online reputation, you can leverage Google Reviews to garner new business and make sure your visibility is maximized online.
Get involved by following these simple steps:
(1) Claim your business with Google and list your hours, phone number, location and photos. This is your chance to ensure your listing is accurate and displays vivid imagery to attract new pet owners.
(2) Reply to positive reviews as they come in! Engage with pet owners who have taken the time to submit
a review and show appreciation for those brand advocates for supporting you.
(3) Make sure to solicit new reviews, especially from
pet owners who are delighted after their appointment. You can simply ask clients to leave a review, and send a follow-up email clearly explaining how to leave a review for your practice.
It’s important to make leaving a review as easy as possible for your client, so feel free to print a step-by- step guide that ensures all types of pet owners know how to leave a review. There are also services available, such as AllyDVM, Vetstreet, ePetHealth, Rapport, Banyan, or Testimonial Tree, which can help you to secure reviews by integrating directly within your practice management software and sending surveys.
By enlisting the help of one of these recommended services, you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing that only clients who leave great survey results, will be asked to go a step further by leaving you a review online. Those who had a less glowing experience will
be asked if they’re open to discussing their experience, allowing you an opportunity to address their concerns and enhance your veterinary practice accordingly.
No matter the route you choose, understanding and leveraging the impact of Google Reviews will allow you to increase customer satisfaction, enhance your practice and engage with new clients; contributing to a level
of future success you may have once never imagined possible.
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